Knorr vs. McDonald's


Knorr vs. McDonald's


These two spots sound alike to us, but what the bleep do we know?


There is a big difference: the Knorr ad has got a good idea behind it, the McDonald's one is just f***ing crap!

They shouldn't be in badland. Hooray for the Knorr team. Shoot the McDonald's guys for waisting our intelligence with this piece of crap!

You're kidding right? How are these not the same idea?

Good find Robb. It's scary, I think I actually prefer the McDonald's version. The bleeping fits more in with the setting and what's going on, rather than some random VO doing it, with what could be stock video.

You're not really getting the idea behind the Knorr ad, are you?

In the McDonald's ad the bleep goes over the word fucking, simply because McDonald's doesn't want to swear.

In the Knorr ad, the bleeps cover the word frozen. 'Frozen', not 'fucking'!! At the end, the VO explains that frozen no longer is a bad word as it used to be once. With this, they distance themselves from other frozen meals which are crap, theirs is obviously superior.
It's not hilarious, but still pretty nice.

Get it?

Yup. Got it the first time I saw it. Still not crazy about it. and McDonald's ad goes over the word "FREE" not fucking...Seems like you might have missed something in that spot yourself.

I'm afraid that you're not getting it. In the McDonald's ad they bleep the word free.

Hence, same fucking idea. Pay attention.

Sure. There's a nice bar behind the Dam. In Amsterdam, that is.
Meet you there at 8?

Cross-European traffic is a bitch lately. Make it 9.

Looks like The New York Post likes this badlander as well:

From a linguistic standpoint, I liked Knorr's, since F****N and F****N' are so much closer, and used in spots where f*cking is more naturally used--leaving you trying to fill in the blank with something different (making the payoff works better, IMHO). In the McD's ad, it's obviously more of a gag. Unless, of course, the guy really did get his $1 snack for f*cking. Which is just gross.

I just heard an ad on the radio that was exactly the same premise as the McDonald's spot...with free bleeped out for TD Banknorth. Triple badlander now.

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