Kodak, their moments and face recognition.


Kodak, their moments and face recognition.


As the story goes, this is an internal use video created by and for Kodak, that became so popular they decided to release it for external viewing. The passionate actor may or may not have legit beef with Kodak for airing this on the web, who know these days. All I know is that face recognition does not mean what Kodak thinks it means.

Hat tip to the Leslie @ Burns Auto Parts, our favorite trivia queen for the link.
Update credits due - Partners + Napier did this. Also, they seem to actually mean facial recognition. Like fo' real. Wow.


A day late and a dollar short...Zzzzzz...

Glad to see you well rested and chipper back from the holidays! ;)

Wrong talent choice. The actor obviously has the chops for that smooth voice over, but he can't cut the enthusiastic over the top performance type stuff. Or maybe I just have Attention Deficit Disorder.

HA HA ha ha ha! Very entertaining.

As someone with prosopagnosia (face-blindness) I am now officially depressed that soon my camera will know more than I do about who it's pointed at.

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