Kurt Cobain's cigarette butt for sale on eBay

Grey Melbourne wants people to know that cigarette butt's are made of harmful plastic acetates which practically last forever, so they are using the tried and true method of setting up an Ebay Auction to spread the word. In it they're selling Kurt Cobains cigarette butt.

(I wonder if anyone told ebay that this is actually an ad/ad-stunt? eBay tend to kill "false auctions" so it seems wise to have let them in on the idea.... I'd test this by reporting a fraudulent listing but one needs an eBay account for that and I can't be arsed.)

The auction reads:

"This butt is 13 years old but in amazing condition. Luckily butts are made of plastic acetates and are full of toxic chemicals that last forever. They are not made of paper and cotton, which is what most people mistakenly think. "

"So rest assured this valuable piece of rock n’ memorabilia will be a valuable part of any collection for years to come."

Grey posse behind this stunt: Ant Shannon (Executive Creative Director), Connor Beaver (Art Director) and Ben Keenan (Copywriter)

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