Lambrini wants a few ugly men

Recall the story from the other week; No more pretty boys, only bald fat men in booze ads please? The ASA told Halewood International that their ads for Lambini might encourage women to drink to achieve social success - because the boys in the ads are pretty.

"We would advise that the man in the picture should be unattractive - ie overweight, middle-aged, balding etc.
"In its current form we consider that the ad is in danger of implying that the drink may bring sexual/social success, because the man in question looks quite attractive and desirable to the girls.
"If the man was clearly unattractive, we think that this implication would be removed from the ad."

Well, Lambrini have responded with a new campaign: announcing for ugly men of course.

Since every ad made by Lambini now has to pass through ASA for approval before being published, the CEO of Halewood International, John Halewood, decided to take a shortcut and erected the new ad as a large poster in his own backyard, which happened to overlook the Royal Birkdale golf course where the British Women’s Open Championship was being played....
A quick google news on the words Lambrini and ugly men show that dear ASA, in public relations terms we think you've been 0wn3d! Clever way of turning it all around I must say. ;)

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  • TDD's picture

    I'm glad Lambini fired back at the ASA with something so clever. Well done!

    Aug 09, 2005
  • Dabitch's picture

    Yes, I really dig their "...make lemonade" attitude... I would even sponsor their sickly sweet drink if I wasn't such a beer-lover. ;)

    Aug 09, 2005
  • anothercopywriter's picture

    The thing that kills me is that the ASA wants everything to be so politically correct, but they're perfectly willing to accept that attractiveness=success.

    Aug 09, 2005

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