Lapdance island reality TV fools 20,000


When this form for Lapdance Island seeking potential men to be on the show appeared on channel 4's website last week, some people were suspicious. That didn't stop over 20,000 men from filling out the form on why they should be picked to be on the Reality TV show "Lapdance island".

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The ad for E4 show stated they were looking for "10 hot blooded males to battle it out as 40 lapdancers do everything in their power to make it hard for them."

The show would have competitors completing tasks much like a regular Robinson episode, while lapdancers "harassed" the contestants for extra spice. Some MeFi posters suspected foul play or some sort of hoax.

A spokesman for channel 4 said "It was unbelivable, we had thousands of applications from eager blokes" - though I'm not in the least suprised.

What the eager hopefuls did not realise is that they were being set up - and secretly filmed for a new comedy show called "The Pilot Show" which will run on E4. Brandrepublic has more.

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    To followup;

    The Guardian - Stripping isn't cool:

    Hot on the tail of Lap Dance Island's tantalising advertising campaign came the news that Kate Moss is to pole dance in the White Stripes' new video, directed by Sofia Coppola. Moss is one of pole dancing's many celebrity devotees, twirling alongside Sadie Frost, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. Zoe Ball, lest we forget, has a pole in her bedroom. Bolstered by such celebrity endorsement, the past couple of years have seen a rash of pole dancing, cardio strip and erotic dancing classes opening at venues such as the flexingly hip Third Space gym in London, as well as the infamous Spearmint Rhino. It is now deemed perfectly acceptable, and terribly modern, for young women to visit a lap dancing emporium on a night out. As the Daily Express put it, so succinctly: "Everybody who's anybody has taken up pole dancing.

    There was a time, not so very long ago, when lap dancing clubs were still considered to be something for women to get riled about. They stood alongside Page 3 and those wipe-clean naked lady calendars as shining examples of the public debasement and objectification of women. Now, however, with all the young hepcats merrily writhing round poles and whisking off their brassieres with gay abandon, we seem to believe we have wrestled lap dancing from the salivating jaws of men and reclaimed it as our own.

    Aug 26, 2003
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    heh. 20,000 men have their head in the clouds....

    Sep 14, 2003

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