Last and final day of the ADCG


Sunday 11th Nov Day 3

The final day of AGDC. The first round of presentations started at 9:30am. Not surprisingly, alot of ppl did not attend these early presentations after last nights round of endless drinks and hitting the pub after 11pm. I got about 3 hours sleep and I arrived like a zombie :)

There were only 2 presentations in each of the 4 streams today. I moved around the Lanfest and went to the booths section hoping to see SONY or EA, alas it was not to be. There is not much to report on today as I did not attend the various sets of presentations. Did I mention I was a zombie? But for those of you who are interested here are some of the presentations: "How To Win A Contract With A Publisher" by Adam Lancman "Consoles - Adding Cables to Disc" by Paul Holman "How Do I Get To Be A Lead Programmer?" by Iain Cartwright "Holy Grails Of Graphics Programming" by Peter Wake

Around midday everyone gathered at the large Batman Theatre to attend the final presentation called "Things We've Learned Along The Way" by Bruce Shelly, Todd Hollenshead and Bruno Bonnell. They offered their individual opinions about game design, the future of games, Sony's PS2 vs Microsoft's Xbox, different game genres, and publishing and producing games. I am sure there were several other topics discussed, but I seem to have forgotten them. :)

Following the presentation, prizes were awarded to those who won the Lanfest Competition. Lucky winners from the delegates were also called to be presented with games, softwares and other odds and ends. All in all I was glad I attended AGDC. I now have to illusions of Australia's Gaming Industry.

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