Launching Menopause Products With Poise.

Ad Shop Organic and Kimberly Clark has just dropped what it dubs as a "taboo shattering conversation," around its line of products geared toward women who are going through menopause.

Under the name of Poise the site includes Q&A (fine) user generated content under the title "Menopause Stories" (tmi) and 360° product demos (gross.)

In addition to the usual kinds of social media suspects, this begs several questions.

The first being, if the site just went live, how can they already have Menopause Stories? And what woman really wants to share such kinds of stories? @poise: flashing hot like whoa. #poise

For some reason, this reminds me of a bit from Margaret Cho:

"I could never sell douche because I do not look fresh at all. I hate those commercials, anyway. I got so mad one day because I was watching TV and in the morning, I saw this woman and she was in a Monistat 7 commercial and that same day, I saw the same woman in an Always maxi-pad commercial. And I'm like, "Look, honey, I know way too much about your vagina." -Margaret Cho

Jokes, aside, I do applaud Kimberly Clark and Organic for tackling such a subject. If it gets women talking, great. I'm just not sure the subject really needs an open mike, so to speak.

Also, I must say, the name "Poise" is slightly off putting. I don't know if it sounds condescending because it's attached to the "taboo shattering" rhetoric, or if it's because the subject is nothing more than a storm in a teacup.

Either way, the word "poise" should be reserved for one woman and one woman only.

And that woman is Meryl Streep.