Lean Mean Fighting Machine will fire someone based on a twitter followers fancy.

Sick of having no control of anything? Have control over one of our careers: Be our 5000th follower & fire one of us... tweeted Lean Mean Fighting Machine and backs it up with this post promising that someone will get fired because there's always someone who brings the whole place down.

The 5000th follower of our @fightingmachine Twitter account will be the person with the power in their hands. They will get to sack whoever they like and their word is final. The day after our 5000th follower arrives everyone inside Lean Mean Fighting Machine towers will be making a plea as to why they think they should stay. Based on those pleas (or just a general hatred for someone) our newly controlling follower's decision shall be made.

Since LMFM already have 5018 followers, and I was already one of them it couldn't be me, oh bother. Today the official account promises that everyone in the office is sweating bullets over their freshly revamped CV's all weekend.

Oh how cruel.