The Lenovo tapes


The Lenovo tapes


Take a little Blair Witch attitude, some amatuer homepage, a computer lab, a few quicktime movies and add a big helpful of "boring" and what have you got?
The lenovo tapes - a newish viral for IBM Thinkpads with a big recycled idea feel.
Is this really new? It seems so old in the idea...?


There was a guy that had site about his effort to make transformer out of minicooper (dunno if that was fake), had some photos and videos. Site not operational atm, but you can try google cache of

So those Lenovo tapes reminded me of that site.

Think you'll find that the Mini Robots 'mystery' was created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky

yeah we wrote about it back then as i recall. I'd look it up and link it but I'm in a mad hurry to get somewhere. ktxbye.

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