life: where you wade through advertising


life: where you wade through advertising


CBS news Andy Rooney is ranting about ads. Or rather the sheer volume of advertising you get these days - whether you want it or not.

" I don't usually follow what's happening in Congress very closely, but I was interested recently when Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., got so mad at all the junk email he was getting that he proposed a law making it illegal to send out email sales pitches."

"The senator's bill is good, but it doesn't go far enough for me. We need protection from all kinds of intrusive advertising. There's no place to hide anymore. "

(a classic bookburning)

Andy doesn't mince words at the end of his column: "Advertising makes the wheels go round in America, no doubt about it. Not only that, it pays my salary. But we don't want it in our face all day. What we need, Sen. Schumer, is a Freedom from Unwanted Advertising law."


eeeargh... it's crap like spam that reflects poorly on our industry as a whole. Knowing when to say when can only benefit us in all mediums.

Due to the ever exponentially multiplying invites to enlarge various body parts, get a mortgage or check out lonely housewives and co-eds engaged in unnatural acts with farm animals, we've actually kicked around the idea of removing email addresses from our web sites.

As my partner put it, spam could be seen as impeding our ability to do business. Not to mention the fact that legit emails get lost in the clutter and fall victim to mass deletes or spam filters. And that freaking sucks...

I find myself agreeing with Andy. I seldom buy magazines (only on flights - the rest my office already has) and it is largely due to my hatred of ripping out all the dang inserts before i can read it (don't get me started on the "article continues on page 167b" after only one short paragraph...grr!)

I've switched all my normal banks to internet banks - so that I won't get a heavily stuffed statement in the mail offering me all kinds of crappy loans targeted to someone my age who's not at my stage in life - I don't have kids so don't send me save for college crap! I don't freaking want a summer house yet! I don't need a wallet with the banks logo on it! If I want a loan - I'll ask what the bank has to offer! GRR!

spam is hell - the abundance of it ruins email as a communication /person-to-person) media. I'd liken it to blasting commercials on my phone whenever I make a call - except of course, in the case of SPAM, the receiver pays for it. Triple GRRR!

Ads kill trees. Too many dead trees.

as somebody who regularly fondles the goods sent out by paper co's (new swatch books? yummy!), I find myself oddly conflicted by that.

How can something so wrong feel so right?

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