Lifestyle first to use "basin decals" in South Africa... to Advertise sanitary pads


Some people find this a rather objectionable idea, but you have to admit it demonstrates the product feature quite well. Yes, it's a "basin decal" - lets call it "sinkadvertising" - that is shaped like Nampak's ned Lifestyle "stretch fit" sanitary pad, but with the actual sink drain right in the middle. Go to wash your hands in one of the powder rooms that has these ads and you'll see how the "super absorbent core" just gobbles up the water. Actually, if I saw this in a club bathroom, I might laugh out loud.

The brainchild of TLC who reckon it's a first in "innovative washroom advertising platforms", youknow, like the urinal cakes with ads we've been giggling at for at least ten years already. I don't know what it is about bathroom ads that make me laugh, some are dead serious, and others can be really scary, but I laugh at the media venue nonetheless.

TLC's Brett Tucker says: "The creative resembles the actual product, whilst drawing attention to its unique selling points - its stretch fit and super absorbent core - at the same time". Yeah, we can see that.

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