Lindsay Lohan sues E-trade for $100M over "Milkoholic" super bowl ad gag

File under "fame-whore needs cash", Lindsay Lohan has filed suit against E*trade for naming the milkaholic baby "Lindsay" in their 2010 super bowl ad reports the NY Post here. Wait, what? Oh yes, Lindsay Lohan wants $100 million for the use of her first name in that ad, as her lawyer argues she is as famous as Madonna or Oprah.

Lohan's lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, said the actress has the same single-name recognition as Oprah or Madonna.

This is the offending ad.

"They used the name Lindsay," Ovadia said. "They're using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn't they use the name Susan? This is a subliminal message. Everybody's talking about it and saying it's Lindsay Lohan."

Lets be honest here, when "everybody" is talking about this ad, it's five people who are talking abut how this baby-campaign needs to be taken out back and shot in the head. They couldn't have planned for better press than this. Maybe they did.