Link Lust: Ad Dictionary, fired, beat boxing beagles and beggin'

There's a wikibased Ad Dictionary on the web now, where you can add words like photox and Copysloth. more words that our ad dictionary gathered during the years (contributions in that are mine and Claymore's).

Ad agencies are like "American Idol" now - where one major agency in Canada recently collected staffers into two different rooms. 60-odd people in one room were told that they were fired, the other room was "safe" (for now..). Oh, that's nice.

Bob Garfield gets really angry at bloggers in his... wait for it... blog.

Fine fine, I'll post a link to the dumb beatboxing dog that everyone but me adores. Why do I hate that suave dog so much? Because that's my cellphone provider, and the deal they offer with this dog is so much sweeter than the deal I got and am stuck with for another 24 months. My bills are so salty, I think I'm paying for this dog single handedly. So enjoy it kids, I bought you a beat boxing beagle.

These links brought to you by "Beggin' - Frankie Vallie - Pilowski edit" just 'cuz I've fancied him ever since I saw Grease at the age of five. Five times. With five different dates. Yes, start young girls. Never mind that two of the dates were my brother and father, there were slim pickings of cute boys in my kindergarden. Btw, Hi Freddy! I won't go steady with you now stop calling..

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  • alex's picture

    Dat ain't no beagle. It's a bassett hound. Sorry for being pedantic. (I like it by the way).

    Mar 10, 2008
  • Dabitch's picture

    Arite, beat-boxing basset. Actually, that sounds cooler too. Even if he ain't nothing but a hound dog, beatboxing all the time.

    Mar 10, 2008
  • Neo's picture

    Great earworm that song.

    The agency who's laying off so many people.... Have you seen words and pictures?

    Mar 16, 2008

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