Link Lust: Airline goodwill, tweeted gossip & worlds worst named app.

@RGA tweeted the the scariest location based iPhone app, ever. I promptly had a coughing fit laughing.

The WK London crew have made it all the way to Paris now. Conclusion, drivers named Fritz always have lead foot.

The cringe-worthy Leo Burnett film of them lip-dubbing to "I'm so exited" that was tweeted around like wildfire yesterday has been removed from youtube due to a copyright claim from Leo Burnett. They are no longer exited.

@Heisholt tweeted that TBWA\OSLO made - where creative people & companies can donate & share their creative trash for recycling. Clever.

Ad age reports on volacano-stories, not only does the flight ban strand ad execs from DDB in Stockholm, it also shows which airlines know how to help a fellow man with the food court owners at JFK and British Airways winning the biggest goodwill points. Take notes, Delta.

The producers of that fantastic film "Downfall" are getting sick of the subtitle meme and want them taken off youtube, stepping up their efforts to get these subtitle jokes off the web. Please kill that trend already. If you haven't seen the film yet, do rent it, Bruno Ganz portrayal of Hitler is fantastic.

Also, the twitter cat fight between @spencerpratt and @perezhilton was epic today. Hiss hiss meow!

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