Link Lust: Awkward post-rapture billboard and note pads for budding street artists.

The above billboard is just spot on.

The Walls Notebook is perfect for the budding street artist, as each page has an empty wall on it begging you to fill the void with something clever. Risk free tagging, for only $16.95.

Rocket shoes has the Diary of an Angry bird, which is a hilarious look inside the mind of our flight-free vengeful friends.

In the middle of battle today, some assclown flew in asking us if we needed any help. Calls himself “The Mighty Eagle.” Hey, narcissism, how’s it going? Pretty clear he’s on steroids, but no one wants to call him out on it because he doesn’t seem that emotionally stable.

Over in Japan it seems they sell boob jelly treats. Yes, little cups of some sort of boobie colored pudding (complete with pink nipple spot) served in round cups that are attached to a manga-styled female to erase any doubt that these are boobie-puddings. Why I.. I just... I.. Just ....what the.. ffff...!? Seriously though, if anyone brings me some of these I promise to eat them. Tres weird.

Dead Kennedy's too drunk to fuck cover removed from Heineken ad, watchdogs concerned it promoted binge-drinking. It was a healthier match than when the same Nouvelle Vague cover was the soundtrack to the rape scene in Grindhouse mind you.

QR codes area dead.. are on headstones. Yeah. right here at Living headstone. If you don't like that have yourself turned into a bullet after you die via Holy Smoke. DIBS!

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