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Geico Cavemen ad is being developed into a sitcom, the three "cavemen" battle bigotry in modern-day Atlanta. Oh joy. Will it be anything like the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer? If the show doesn't work out, the Caveman can always pitch for Quiznos.

Yet another study, this one from the University College London, finds that Sex does not sell. "Television viewers tend to have a poor memory for ads that appear on sex-laced TV shows." True.

RFIDs make ads talk to you - to which Leslie/ Burns Auto Parts quipped "Great...just wait until the tampons start screaming at women in the aisles: You've got ice cream and Motrin in your cart--don't forget about us!"

These links brought to you by - Titty Bear!*

* Yes they spell it "tiddy bear" but listen to how they pronounce it....

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  • TDD's picture

    Oh my Greek gods, that's funny! You can't say, "Tiddy" (TID-e) without it sounding like "Titty" (TIT-e).

    Mar 06, 2007
  • TDD's picture

    Geico Cavemen ad is being developed into a sitcom

    Wonderful. A thirty-minute commercial. And if they run Geico ads during the commercial breaks.... I'm still waiting for the Geico Caveman action figure.

    RFIDs make ads talk to you

    When does it stop being advertising, and start being nagging? It would be like having some virtual spoiled child along with you saying, "buy me this!" in every product aisle.

    Mar 09, 2007

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