Link Lust: Bad stats, The Shining and Ad weeks biggest flop

Influx insights shows us that the Brits might have confused blogging with dogging, or "lies damned lies and statistics" these numbers make no sense.

Adgrunt Jasper reminds us that music really is 80% of a commercial by sending us this uncredited trailer where an editor has had way too much fun with the source material:
The Shining Redux
- the feel good movie of the year? Perhaps!

Adfreak calls the ad amateur night at the Apollo a "train wreck", where paying punters had to be exposed to terrible inside ad-gags and Juan Valdes on stage. Oh man that sounds like utter crap.

It seems the organizers of this event, sponsored by MTV and Levi's, should have first considered the ad industry’s golden rule before elbowing their way into this contest: Know your audience

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