Link lust: Boobvertising, copyright infringers sue their victims, and the non-future of FB&Google?

Photographer Threatened With Lawsuit by Woman Who Used Copyrighted Photo Without Permission ..... it's not your usual copyright infringement story, and you will be rewarded by this quote.

Specifically, the woman who just accused a political candidate of murdering one wife and violating another with an oversized member of the gourd family, admonished us about libel.

Ad guy not impressed by boobvertising. Choice quote:

But that’s the ad-guy in me talking. I realize that to most of you the reason these ads are so problematic isn’t because they’re ineffective — it’s because they’re so blatantly sexist. Not only do they reduce women to body parts without context (breasts in a bra ad make sense, in a car ad, not so much), but they are also based on the equally offensive notion that men are incapable of making any purchasing decision without direct input from their dick.

No, that's not the kind of input your penis should be used for (*rimshot*), and you're not the only one to reach that conclusion, so did adlib in the comments under Boys, girls, this is not a competition sexist ads are bad for everyone.

That BMW ad is the perfect example of how sexist ads are offensive to men as well. It practically screams "HELLO CAVEMAN WE OWN YOU WITH HORMONES". I've got news for BMW, my reptilian brain does not make expensive car purchasing decisions and I'm truly insulted you thought that it did.

You'd think some clients might start to listen by now, unfortunately there's a Frodo Douchebaggins in every office.

Meanwhile over at Forbes Eric Jackson has a theory: Here's Why Google and Facebook Might Completely Disappear in the Next 5 Years. Cliff notes: they suck at mobile? Not quite - we don't know yet what's really the next big thing. It's easier to ask Siri for directions than type anything in an app. Interesting.

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