Link lust: Cats in tanks, advice to creatives about job hunting & crowdsourcing hate.


Google launched Think Insights, and all over the world you could hear lustful sighs from ad execs and planners offices.

Jane Goldman over at Cup of Java shares 6 tips for ad peeps - new and old as she's been in the position of hauling her book around, and now she's in the position of looking at everyone elses to hire someone. Good advice there, adgrunt caffeinegoddess.

Crowdsourcing sucks is on twitter, @crowdsource666 , where they share links like the The recent Adweek article on the crowdsourcing website for women creatives. I feel so special now that I can join the crowdsourcing thing based on my gender alone.

To top it all off, we have Cats In Tanks, where Whitehouse Post editors prove they currently have too much time on their hands and a twisted sense of humor. Someone please hire them already, they know how to make exploding head special effects.

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