Link Lust: Corporate Mascots as Cryptozoological Creatures, dead logos, positive planners & MILFShake


Must read: Negative and Positive Planners over at Dave Trott's Campaignlive blog.

Must read #2: The logo isn't dead, it's just irrelevant by Jason Little at D&AD.

To get to the value of branding, you really have to look more broadly than the visual. It’s about actions, behaviour and personality. The key is crafting every experience and interaction so it adds up to something worthwhile.

Speaking of branding in the wild, here's Corporate Mascots as Cryptozoological Creatures via Brandflakes for breakfast

Work That Matters and Copyranter are amused/confused by the Milfshake pun. It's a diet drink, guys.

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    Erik Scherz Andersen (not verified)

    Great links and even better picture. Ha! :D

    Aug 06, 2011

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