Link Lust: Link on the rocks


Burns Auto Parts keeps cheering me up. First she confirms what I've always suspected - meetings makes us dumber, and asks us to think for ourselves. Then she gives us all a kick in the tush - are you a creative artist or are you suffering from CRAP? Cognitive Reduction of Art Pathology might not have been a acronym before but is now.

Researcher shares this unintentionally hilarious ad, where the writer has chosen the wrong word in Swedish to try and sound like an older text. In the copy they write "Salig biskopen", where "salig" could mean 'blessed/happy', but using in front of someones name or title usually means "deceased". Oopsie.

Adfreak shows us how the Mac and PC guys looked in the early nineties. Fashion can be frightening. What the hell do you call that color jeans anyway? Washout blue?

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