Link Lust: Linking you - a-haaa...


Link Lust: Linking you - a-haaa...


Do you have The Design Disease? Sadly, there is no cure.

Animax Entertainment and TCS created Ink is it .com for Kodak and are seeding a mock talkshow on youtube/inkisit.

Scott The G-Man explains what creatives do, and my mom still thinks I should get a real job.


All I can say to the Kodak thing is wow.

The ink is it even got a video reply.

I don't have the Design Disease quite as bad as that, but I'm primarily an editor, and I also have the equivalent Editorial Ailment.

So as well as despairing over the "GIVEWAY TO PEDESTRIANS" spacing, I also suffer pain over GIVE WAY being treated as a single word.

Is there any hope? Not really.

I wish I could view it. Can anyone arrange a non youtube film?

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