Link Lust: The man who linked the world.

Eye candy link of the week - image porn for the arty types.

Weirdest redesign of the week: Navy to mask Coronado's swastika-shaped barracks. Blame googlemaps.

Paula Scher will design your letterhead for free via HP. Say wha? Ms Scher who always yaks on about the value of design is giving it away? Ah, but she's only giving away really simple templates with two font choices and three colours, not much meat there. Still, there's talk about it in the HOWDesign forums, even twice. Is HP trying to woo designers over to their systems with this? Because if they are, they're doing it wrong.

Speaking of bad design, 'Halo 3' limited-edition tins packaging scratches the disks inside. Ooops!

Lolcats have been showing up in the adforums. How apropos that adtothebone now has the inevitable lolcat/admacro crossover.