Link Lust: Nazi Citroën ad?

Welcometowallyword adgrunt reckons Citroën unmistakeably German Nazi ad is a total lemon.

Let say Hi to Klaus who's always in character again. He's German and thinks the English are funny. Yah.

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  • adlib's picture

    Stereotypes in advertising. What else is new?

    May 04, 2008
  • purplesimon's picture

    German stereotypes in UK advertising - come on, it's a wonder they didn't say something about the 1966 World Cup while they were at it.

    May 06, 2008
  • Dabitch's picture

    Also, German cancan.

    Everything they show as German is Bavarian tho. Lederhosen, mountains, the buildings etc. Not that Bavaria isn't Germany, but it's just a part of Germany.

    * full disclosure, I'm made in Stuttgart and wore a baby-tee that read "made in Germany"

    May 04, 2008
  • TDD's picture

    I know very little about Citroën. Seeing that Nazi ad makes me want to know even less.

    May 10, 2008

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