Link Lust: Nazi Citroën ad?


Link Lust: Nazi Citroën ad?

Welcometowallyword adgrunt reckons Citroën unmistakeably German Nazi ad is a total lemon.

Let say Hi to Klaus who's always in character again. He's German and thinks the English are funny. Yah.



Stereotypes in advertising. What else is new?

Also, German cancan.

Everything they show as German is Bavarian tho. Lederhosen, mountains, the buildings etc. Not that Bavaria isn't Germany, but it's just a part of Germany.

* full disclosure, I'm made in Stuttgart and wore a baby-tee that read "made in Germany"

German stereotypes in UK advertising - come on, it's a wonder they didn't say something about the 1966 World Cup while they were at it.

Or the war.

*yawns again*

I know very little about Citroën. Seeing that Nazi ad makes me want to know even less.

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