Link Lust: pugs in hats, photoshop looters & more

Well no wonder Nokia isn't doing too well lately, here's a shot of a Nokia ad where the model is holding an iPhone. If you can't even get people to pose with the product, you're in serious trouble.

Campaign Asia has dug into the news jobs created in the advertising business as new technologies and techniques have appeared. I'm applying for "Creative Technologists" jobs as we speak.

What's worse than sad Etsy boyfriends? Sad Etsy Dogs that's what. Oh god, the eyes on those poor pugs. Please save them from colorful knitted hats.

Speaking of tumblr blogs, this is what happens when Mad Men meets Arrested Development. It's a bit like peanutbutter & chocolate, you have to love them both first.

The Denver Egotist found a really really old ambient ad installation.

Meanwhile on twitter @leeclowspubes likes to bitch about what @leeclowsbeard says. They're both itchy.

If you have a little time to kill, photoshoplooter is good for a laugh.

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