Link Lust: Social propaganda posters, slide to the train & sexie coffie's sex doll ad.

The Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook propaganda posters are purdy, created by Aaron wood.

Popupcity has a report on a clever way to let commuters in a hurry get down the steps fast, while having a bit of fun at the same time. A Slide, of course! There's some slide show pictures of the slide here as well. "They brilliantly foresaw that such a playful urban intervention can generate large-scale positive spin-off for a disadvantaged neighborhood like Overvecht, and that’s exactly what happened." From the lack of graffiti, broken glass, bordered up shop-windows, overflowing trashcans, ripped street posters of bygone concerts and beggars in the street I think "disadvantaged neighborhood" might be something else over there. But that might be just me.

Google Maps on iphone now incorporates bus routes and the underground and train approx times of travel as well. They announced this by by driving this double decker map bus around Big Ben.

The Australian tv commercial for "Sexie Coffie" directed by Stuart McBratney starring a very realistic sex doll used in an unusual fashion is going to be banned in 4...3... 2... . Oh, it never aired? Never mind then.

Now I need a dollar, so lets pop lock and drop it.

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  • James_R's picture
    James_R (not verified)

    This ad definitely aired. I've seen it on tv in Queensland heaps of times. My mind's obviously in the gutter, but it always makes me chuckle.

    Jul 26, 2012

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