Link Lust: Where Is The Link?


Link Lust: Where Is The Link?


Commercial touting Film 4 is free features Dame Judi Dench dressed as a lobster, Ewan McGregor as a tomato, Willem Dafoe, Ray Winstone, Rhys Ifans, Lucy Liu and others.

Here's an idea to make your copy pop. (via Coudal)

New X-tina Pepsi commercial also featuring Ozzy. Another version here with Elissa (and better sound quality). Also more at Hello!.

The Future of Advertising from 1995.

McDonald's Sundial Billboard.

HP launches new ads online.

German Axe spot - Thai Massage - click on goodies and then the TV to view.

Irony? Pete Coors, Coors Brewing Co. Chairman and beer pitchman was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Love Creative's new site reads like a book.

Write Room is a distraction-free freeware application that brings back the terminal/typewriter days. Version here for windows users. (Via Russell Davies).


The Channel 4 spot is great, if only to see Judi Dench in a lobster costume.

That German Axe spot will really please the Thais...not. And there's a better of creative confusion with the Indian girl appearing in teh Produkt tab...

Really dig the Love book site thing. Cute.

And that McD billbord is clever too.

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