A little music while you pee?


Is there some strange fasination with advertising to men in the loo? It seems like it with all the urinal advertising making the press lately, like Twist on bathroom advertising. This time, the ads on the urinal cakes take a unusual twist- they have recorded messages and music which is activated by motion.
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From the Nashville City Paper:

As men in barrooms all over America will soon discover, Country Music Television’s latest advertising ploy gives new meaning to the phrase “streaming audio.”
The week of Oct. 25, men who select the right urinal will be staring straight down at a flashing, lighted message and hearing a woman’s voice announcing: “Don’t miss Outlaws on CMT. You seem to miss everything else!”
The Wizmark is a motion-activated, deodorizing drain filter cover with an anti-glare lenticular viewing display and pre-recorded audio unit powered by two AA-volt batteries. It’s also waterproof.

I guess the big question is if the woman's voice will cause startled men to create messy bathrooms. ;)

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  • aiiobo's picture

    I know that would really freak me out. Attention grabbing sure - but is it the right kind of attention?

    Oct 13, 2004

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