Little red ridinghood in Japan


Little red ridinghood in Japan

We don't know how we ended up in Anabuki's theatre , but we did and watched their ads.
We really wonder what that little Red Ridinghood is trying to sell? Healthdrugs? Prostate medicine? Can someone explain her furry friends balls? This is a japanese ad worh watching, if only for the 'wauw' at the end. Onwards to the cryptic ad.

Hat tip to Goodbye



It's a construction company building loads of condos.
Their tagline is "vessel of life" - as in "Home is a "vessel of life" to raise people.

still doesn't explain those balls though....

hahaha, no, I don't think anything can explain the balls. But hella funny it is!

The commercial seems to be about a Japanese construction company expanding their services. But how that translates into big balls?

sings : Anabukinchan, !
Expanding dreams,
Expanding hopes,
Expanding chests,
Expanding, expanding,

... right, it all makes sense now. ;)

This should be framed.

it's genious.

Indeed it is.

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