lobsters pale by comparison.


lobsters pale by comparison.


Lobsters corner sunblock market. Prawns protest!

adgrunt Errol does some ad sniping in Singapore and brings this fresh Badland catch. Click continue to see the twin ideas. Ooops.

Seen in: CampaignBrief's "The Work" Book 2002 (Page28)

Agency: BBDO Singapore
AD: Richard Copping, Rodd Chant
CW: Rodd Chant
CD: Simon Winterflood
Client: Banana Boat

Seen in: ADC Art Directors Annual No. 81 (2002)

Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room
AD:Paul Anderson
CW: Peter Callaghan
CD: Graham Warsop

note: Ads entered in "The Work" must already be
awarded at recognised awards show in the April 2001 to
March 2002 season. Not sure when was the first time
BBDO's lobster appeared prior to "the Work"


This is why worldwriters was invented. (disclaimer: i don't work there)

Doh! Good "catch" Errol. Some creatives went "overboard" with their concept!

i wonder how many puns we can fish out of this one? ;-)

This might be a tough one to crack.

Ideas are best served fresh. hahahahaha.

Thanx for sniping in Singapore Errol - this gave me a good laugh - I'd hate to be anyone in either team right now.

Guys maybe some facts would help clear up this pale situation. Check out the 2001 Communication Arts Ad Annual, the BBDO Singapore Lobster ad got into that annual, the Sth African ad didn't nake it into an annual until 2002. So maybe the Sth African team should be treated with suspicion and not the Singapore team.

note: Ads entered in "The Work" must already be
awarded at recognised awards show in the April 2001 to
March 2002 season.
it says it right there.

wait.. so in both the languages of the countries where these ads ran you'd be "red as a lobster" if you get sunburned, yeah?

visial wouldn't work in sweden. we get "red as crayfish". hehehehehe!

Not in my native toungue either - we get "red as tomatoes"

Interestingly enough... the lobster ad was part of a series of 3.

the other two ads being:

a white tomatoe

a white clown's nose

The entire series is in CampaignBriefAsia Issue #15/2001


lets add, a bunch of white cranberries, white clad santa clause (the seasonal ad), white stop signs, white strawberries, white lips and uh.. naaah, the lobster one is better.

smells fishy...

(sorry couldn't resist)

Oh man! And I was just going to submit a white tomato for a sunblock brand at my agency... I guess it's back to the drawing board for me...

Evry uns getting color conscious..wacko jacko didju have nething to do wit this???

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