Lodger equalityzone.org viral animations


Lodger equalityzone.org viral animations

Equalityzone.org is a flash site dedicated to stats about women, news about women and promoting equality for men and women worldwide. There are lots of interesting fact nuggets hiding on the site which sadly, I can't link directly to since the whole thing is a one-url only flash-package, but dive into the different countries to find trivia you never knew. Try new zealand for example. :)

Lodger, the finnish posse with a history of creating cheeky animations like I love death where old men harass young women as both the opening scene and punchline, have created four films for Equalityzone.
All films are available in the commercial archive, but also out on the web, large Quicktimes here: Click here to watch 'Hamsteerwheel',
Click here to watch 'Gulliver',
Click here to watch 'Balancing'
and Click here to watch 'The frog prince' which seems to be a euphemism for fellatio.

Flash files of these animations can be dowloaded straight from Equalityzone.org.



Some stats currently not on the EQZ website, women victim of 'gendercide,' study finds at reuters and
Where did 200 million women go?
at hawkes bay. The UN study headed uop by Theodor Winkler:

"We are confronted with the slaughter of Eve, a systematic gendercide of tragic proportions," Winkler wrote in the preface to the study, recently published as a book titled "Women in an Insecure World."

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