The Logo is dead, long live the Logo


The Logo is dead, long live the Logo


Dear fellow mourners,

If you wish to share your sorrow, please visit the book of condolences.

Logo RIP

Logo R.I.P is a commemoration of dead logotypes that have been withdrawn from the landscape, some we miss dearly, others died of old age.

Something for the Art Directors/Designers, logo lovers
and other brand-hags from The Stonetwins in Amsterdam.


I dunno about you folks , but i seriously love the pan am logo. No wait, lemme rephrase that.

It's the !

heh. ;)


That is a great idea with the Logo Graveyard. I got all sentimental. *wipes away a single tear*

yaknow I've been waiting years to crack that joke..hehe.. ;)
(....Wouldn't dare to fly with that bag today, I don't think they'd let me board....)

Makes me want to cry on Paul Rands grave....

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