Lost in the Translation - AFLAC in Japan


Lost in the Translation - AFLAC in Japan


The AFLAC duck is getting a bit of a makeover for the Japanese market. He'll remain a duck, but will lose his voice, or more specifically, Gilbert Gottfried's voice. It appears some feel that Gil's signature sound is a bit too much for even the land of fugu and tentacle sex.

"The Japanese culture does not like to be yelled at," said AFLAC spokeswoman Laura Kane.

But would things be just as ducky without Gilbert? I think not.


Jeepers cripes! That's Gilbert? It's obvious now, but I never made the connection without seeing his scrunched-up, tormented face.

I love love love those commercials.

Personally, I'm intrigued by the dragonduck idea. Or is it duckdragon?

Ducks are a dime a dozen, but that creature would be a bona fide clutterbuster. Would he waddle or slither?


hey, you owe me a new keyboard.


Serves you right - that's what you get for having tentacle sex near a computer. You should've gotten that insurance... now what's it called?...


The duck is an institution. Don't change the duck.

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