"Lucky" is going to Cannes. Will the three legged cheetah be lucky?

@gatehousesa just tweeted that "Lucky" is going to #CannesLions. Since I'm such a sap for kitties, even the super fast antilope-killing kind, I wish y'all luck over there. Actually, I'm sold the moment Lucky topples over because she only has three legs. Aaaaaw.

The ad , directed by Henry-Alex Rubin shows a glimpse from the life of Lucky, a cheetah that's driven around by Marlice van Vuuren at the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia. Lucky likes to stick her head out of the car window and feel the breeze.

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    Totally a dog person, find most company's attempts at feel-good ads really weak -- but this one gets me every time. Amazing. A great story well told, with a subtle, but appropriate, product tie-in.

    If there was some sort of search at the Cannes site, I could see how it did.

    Jul 17, 2010

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