Luerzer's Archive invites students to show their work in the magazine.

Finally Luerzer's Archive decides to use their magazine to promote students and wannabee creatives. Excellent.

From website:
"Lürzer's ARCHIVE is introducing a new section designed to showcase the work of outstanding students in an effort to help launch their careers.
A selection of all campaigns entered will be chosen to appear in each bi-monthly issue of Lürzer's ARCHIVE by a jury under the direction of editor-in-chief Michael Weinzettl.

Selected work will be published in all editions of Lürzer's ARCHIVE magazine. In addition, there will be an annual INTERNATIONAL STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARD. All students whose ads ave been shown in ARCHIVE magazine will be nominated for the award.

Both the students and their respective institute will be listed with full reative credits. In order to post campaigns on the website, we require the name of a contact person (professor/instructor) responsible for supervising the quality of the campaign.

If you are interested in submitting work, please send an email to The contact person mentioned above will receive a login and a password to our website, enabling them to upload their entry. Up to 12 images may be entered! Non-selected work will be removed from the website at three-monthly intervals!

Submission is free of charge!"

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