Luerzer's Archive Student of the Year 2010 Contest


Time to log onto Luerzer's Archive portal to elect the Student of the Year 2010. Professionals from throughout the world of advertising are once again invited to select the most promising new and up-and-coming talents.

Past experience has shown that the award can be a serious stepping stone for students looking to jumpstart their careers. Menno Kluin, for example, winner in 2005, is now a top creative on the advertising scene. The work he did for Saatchi & Saatchi New York earned him several Cannes Lions, and he's becoming equally successful at his present agency, Y&R, New York.

This year's winner again stands to scoop a trip to an international advertising festival plus the now legendary Lürzer's Achive Sixpack!

It would be wonderfully if you vote for us. But also check out other works. Cheers.

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