Lufthansa offers free trip to München to guy who lost iPhone

Everyone knows that Gray Powell lost that iPhone-prototype at a bar, after having German beer to celebrate his 27th birthday. We know this because his last facebook update from said prototype was, according to Gizmodo: "I underestimated how good German beer is"

Lufthansa picked up on this and @Lufthansa_USA tweeted/twitpicced an open letter to offer Gray Powell a free business flight to München for Octoberfest for him.

We though you could use a break soon -- and would like to offer you a complimentary business class transportation to Munich, where you can literally pick up where you last left off.

Clever PR, very generous of them, or a cynical joke on the expense of the poor guy who was just trying to turn 27 in peace? You be the judge, what do you think?

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