Lynx mud wrestling


Lynx mud wrestling


The full length advert which isn't allowed to be shown in full on tv.

Spray more get more


Wonder if it was the spanking that made the mud-wrestling too raunchy for telly? ;)

Related, I was about to post this but two Lynx/Axe posts in one day might as well get mashed together like so: The is a website for lynx/axe where you can win crap and stuff. When you walk in, you choose a country that you're in so the prizes are relevant to you. Anyway, then you can "spray" around the site with your deoderant-cursor and attract as many females as possible scoring points for each one. Or something like that. I dunno, my browser kinda crashed on me while I was trying it out.

There's a trend: Axemansion and Martinimansion. Luxuary blasts the cyberadvertorials...

hahaha, good point. Maybe it's the creatives dreaming of the riches they'll never have. ;)

*planning on which concept a mansion could be a fad...* ;)

Hey jbw7577 - your other post (and not a single comment ever made) was about Axe/Lynx as well. Do you have any inside information to share or are you just, as they say, a fan?

I watched the 'mud' television ad, and I went to the 'spray' web site.

The 'mud' and the 'fountain' commercials play, in part, on the little screen on the telephone that is attached the wall outside of the lift on the 'spray' web site. Watching the telephone 'mud' clips, I noticed some scenes are shown that are not in the television commercial.

I have seen two slightly different versions of the 'fountain' commercial. Are there two slightly different versions of the 'mud' commercial?

if you go into the website to the cinema you get to watch the full length versions of each comercial.

jbw7577: if you go into the website to the cinema you get to watch the full length versions of each comercial.

Thanks, but that 'mud' version is identical to the 'mud' on the other web site, and it does not contain the two extra scenes. The two extra 'mud' scenes are shown in the loop that plays on the phone and on the cinema screen.

I was able to find the version with the extra clips elsewhere.

Do you guys like this campaign?

I am very interested to hear what you think of it.

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