Mad Dogs mad sale.


Mad Dogs mad sale.


Mad Dogs and Englishmen is closing down, sadly, but this means that for the right price you can get a Mad Injection of hip creative people who used to work there. Oh yeah! If that fancy little web-page complete with a nice Mad portfolio doesn't convince you to buy, perhaps an auction on eBay will? For a mere ten million US dollars you can Buy an award-winning advertising agency - office supplies AND creative staff.


No wonder they went out of business.

How unoriginal.

Yes that eBay auction thing has jumped the shark.

Hasn't that expression.....?

Maybe we should change it to "pulled a Fonzie" ;) At least it'd be a fresh way to phrase it.

Hey this is funny, Jim Hanas of adcritics elert (Getcreativity) diagnoses the adworld with the new stress-illness; Ebay-stunt-fatigue. ;)

We weren't sure how serious Mad Injection CD Mikal Reich was when he emailed us early this week, announcing that the agency within an agency was on sale on eBay. Call it eBay stunt fatigue. But since Mad Dogs & Englishmen (the agency in which Reich's agency resides) is, after much speculation, officially calling it quits, we guess the bidding is really on.

It'd be even better if you got their clients too. ;)

Is the dogs counted into the supplies or the creative staff?

(I know it should be "are" since there are a plethora of dogs but hey, I'm Swedish emptied the first glass of wine and got beaten in Fifa by my six year-old! Cut me some slack! :))

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