Mad Men Tweets not issued by AMC - takedown notices sent

Oh Noes! The Mad Men tweets, where most of the Sterling Cooper possy where going about their day in public tweets was not created by AMC, in fact the AMC sent Twitter a DMCA complaint about the accounts, and several are already pulled including @don_draper & @peggyolson. Philmang has the scoop which he found via venturebeat. Phil rightly reckons that this is an "epic FAIL on the part of AMC", meanwhile I wonder what I'll do all day now that I can't hit on Salvator Romano and befriend fellow redhead Joan Holloway. I was having lots of fun with the characters over at twitter, and their tweets showed me the Playboy spread which I would have never found otherwise, since we all know I don't read that for the articles. I guess I'll just get back to work now. *sigh*

Update: happy ending: the Mad Men tweeters are back!

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Sadness. Now what will I do for lunchtime entertainment? :(

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Aaaaw, poor Salvatore wonders where his colleagues are. *hits on him* And Peggy just re-appared as Peggy_Olson! Here's me.

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It's cute that you have a crush on Salvatore.

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Heck, I want to BE him.