Madge billboard milks it reports:
Mothers Against Genetic Engineering in Food and the Environment
( Madge ) has displayed seven billboards in Wellington and Auckland showing a naked woman with four breasts and GE branded on her backside.

Madge founder Alannah Currie said she designed it to spark debate about genetic engineering and to protest about designer milk. "If they want to make designer milk, why not genetically engineer women for milk?"

additional link added: Alannah Currie (formely Thompson Twins) interview

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Oh dear. Looks like PETA has a contender in the 'shocking' dept.

Now what is she against? Genetically modified milk? Or rough milkingmachines?

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Fonterra, New Zealand’s largest milk company recently purchased the patent rights to large amounts of human DNA from an Australian genetics company. (Dominionpost 15.9.2003) “The mothers of New Zealand would like to know exactly what our milk company are doing with this human DNA. We at MAdGE want an assurance from Fonterra that they will continue to keep our milk GE Free now and in the future and not use human genes in cows to boost milk production.” said Ms Currie.

well that got my attention. Why did Fonterra buy human DNA?

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Well, it seemed like they did. If you read this here you might conclude they did:

Dairy giant Fonterra has become the country's first firm to buy a licence from a genetics company that has controversially patented human dna.

Fonterra subsidiary ViaLactia has reached an agreement with Genetic Technologies (GTG) of Melbourne, but declined to give details, saying it was commercially sensitive.

Among other things, ViaLactia is involved in using dna technology to boost milk production.

However in the article linked from Stuff in the post above it reads:

Biotechnology company ViaLactia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fonterra, is rejecting claims it has bought patent rights to human dna. Chief executive Colin South said it had bought the right to animal and plant code, not human sequences.

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why the hell do they not continue with madge and let it be known all over the world. It's not only NZ but Europe as well.... I posted it on my fb account.