Madison - One helluva show.

The über-hip folks at Heavy have created a Web-based pilot based on something we live and breathe... dysfunctional advertising agency life! Woo-hoo!

Now, unless you have a revved up computer, a blazing connection, a current browser and all the spiffy plug-ins, I suggest you don't even attempt to check this out. But if you do, here's some helpful no-brainer directions to the goodies (a number of people have gotten lost trying to find it). It's a flash-based site, so I can't give you a shortcut straight to the page.

(1) Go to heavy

(2) You'll soon see a sumo guy holding two coconuts - pick the "fat" one.

(3) A random flash vignette will play, then it will go to a rather well-designed index - you should eventually see a bottom row of destinations - click on "Hall of Fame"

(4) When the page loads, click on "Madison."

(5) When the Madison title page loads, click on "Play Episode"

(6) Download over 17 megs of file and enjoy almost six minutes of evil insider joy!


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