A guy is clearing out the attic of an old house and comes across a box
with a label that says: MAGIC LAMP. FOR AGENCY SUITS ONLY.

"What's an agency suit?", the guy thinks to himself. "What the heck, I've never tried a magic lamp before. I'll just go ahead anyway."

So he opens the box, takes out the lamp and rubs it Aladdin-style and
Shazaam! he's face to face with a genie.

"At your service, master. But wait a minute. You don't look like an account guy. Didn't you read the label?"

The guy is a little surprised, but decides to take a chance. "Oh, but I am. I'm a suit."

The genie is suspicious, but since he can't really prove the opposite: "Hm. Alright then. Here's the deal. You get to make three wishes, I grant them, and you put the lamp back in the box. OK?"

"Yeah, sure."

"OK then, but remember you only have three wishes. So you'd better be sure before you make a wish. Now bring 'em on!"

"I want a million dollars. A Cadillac convertible filled with bikini blondes. And a really big house."

There's a few moments of silence. Then the genie looks at the guy, and asks:

"Are you done?"

"Yeah. You said three wishes, right?"

The genie smiles. "OK dude, now I know you're not an account guy."


"Well, despite the fact that I said three wishes, a real suit wouldn't stop until eight or nine"

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