Make your logo bigger - cream!


Make your logo bigger - cream!


Does your overpaid designer insist on white space, a tasteful colour palatte and your beautiful logo that you paid your nephews classmate 50 bucks for to be needled away small in the bottom corner of your ad? You need Make my logo bigger cream.* It also comes with the flourecentsizer™, the white space eliminator™, the starburster™ and the emotionator™. Oh yeah baby, can you feel the love?

Brought to you by who needs, and don't forget to get the T-shirt.

* don't let your clients see this. Before you know it they'll be smearing all the office computer screens with icky cream and the IT guys will hate you forever. Yikes.


What the hell does the company behind this joke do? Have you seen their website? Aren't they doing exactly what they mock? 

old jokes too, they need a new writer.

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