Malawi Wowie! Ad Agency Chief Maligns Freelancers For Malaise.

What do you do when you're in charge of one of a country's larger agencies, and you're maybe courting O&M but your country's advertising industry stinks? Blame it on the little guys. Today Malawi. Tomorrow the world? Story here.

On the upside, their country has a place called Monkey Bay.

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    I'm guessing that Mr. Chief Executive ain't much involved in the actual production of things, and probably never was.

    What this noodlehead is sayin' is akin to calling Ikea semi-manufactured furniture the best available at any price, then calling a hand-carved'n'crafted'n'stained armoire a piece of crap.

    Big companies produce good work. Big companies produce crap.

    Freelancers produce good work. Freelancers produce crap.

    That's the straight dope, yo.

    Mar 10, 2003

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