Man sells tattooed ad space on his neck.

Man thinks he's original, sells ad-space tattoo on neck. News at eleven.

Adgrunts know this isn't new, we've had enough body part ads to warrant an entry in the Top Ten new ad space ideas in the past ten years, but Nathan Bullman reckon he's still different enough to pay for his school this way. See St. Joseph News:

“I knew if I was going to do this and be different, because people have tried something like this before, that it was going to have to be something that people saw every day, no matter what I was doing or where I was,” he said. “So I knew the neck was a perfect location, you can’t miss it.”

Brands will have to have a careful think about if they want to use this mans neck as ad-space, it's probably not the best spot for an ad aimed at kids, say....

"New information came to light Tuesday regarding the past of Mr. Bullman, who goes by Charles Nathaniel Bullman. Buchanan County court records show he was sentenced to four years of probation in 2007 for a felony child abuse conviction. His probation was extended to 2012"

....and with that, I suspect the frenzied bidding for adspace on his neck fizzled out.

Barcode image from Bluetigger on flickr.

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