Manly Men and Pickup Ads


Manly Men and Pickup Ads


The Miami Herald's Dave Barry takes on the overabundance of pickup truck ads and other manly things that air during football games.

Warning: May be offensive to Toyota Camry owners.

Choice Quote:

And he needs to be manly, for there is trouble at the rig. There is always trouble at the rig, in TV-Truck-Commercial-Land, and it always requires the truck-drivin' man to save the day by hitchin' his truck, with a heavy chain, to some massive object -- a tree, a building, a tectonic plate, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy -- and towin' it up a boulder-strewn mountain. Then, it's quittin' time, as indicated by the sound of Bob Seger shrieking ''Like a rock! Oooooooowww, like a rock!'' with the intense, sincere passion of a man who has a rabid shrew in his undershorts.


Most of these kind of ads don't appeal to me but Toyota here in .au have been running a Landcruiser TVC where the he-Manly is trippin' out on snake poison and the Landcruiser takes him through the desert to hospital.
I can relate to that one -- what with the halucinations and all.

I like this quote:

You settle on the sofa and turn on the pregame show, and the first thing you see is a commercial for a pickup truck. This is followed by another commercial for a pickup truck, and then, for a change of pace, several more commercials for pickup trucks. Then there's about 45 seconds of men talking about football, followed by still more commercials for pickup trucks. At this point, you start to wonder if you're the only guy in America who doesn't drive a pickup truck.

It's at the Washingtonpost now too.

Dave Barry is too funny. I love this bit near the end of the article:

So now, on the sofa, you are a husk of your former self, a man with a tiny shriveled Camry, wondering if you should ask your doctor about Viagra. But that would mean going to the doctor's office, which, in your imagination, has a giant neon sign outside that says ''VIAGRA DOCTOR, PROVIDING VIAGRA FOR GUYS WHO NEED VIAGRA.'' Also in your imagination there are pickup-drivin' guys outside the doctor's office, workin' on some kind of rig. As you drive up in your Camry, they give you noogies through your moonroof.

bwahahahaha! Is that a tiny shriveled Camry in your pocket or do you just need Viagra?

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