Manly Men and Pickup Ads

The Miami Herald's Dave Barry takes on the overabundance of pickup truck ads and other manly things that air during football games.

Warning: May be offensive to Toyota Camry owners.

Choice Quote:

And he needs to be manly, for there is trouble at the rig. There is always trouble at the rig, in TV-Truck-Commercial-Land, and it always requires the truck-drivin' man to save the day by hitchin' his truck, with a heavy chain, to some massive object -- a tree, a building, a tectonic plate, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy -- and towin' it up a boulder-strewn mountain. Then, it's quittin' time, as indicated by the sound of Bob Seger shrieking ''Like a rock! Oooooooowww, like a rock!'' with the intense, sincere passion of a man who has a rabid shrew in his undershorts.

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