Marc Jacobs has named t.A.T.u. as his fall ad campaign models.

I think Marc Jacobs is trying to tell us something. That the nineties have been over for ten years and 2009 will birth new looks to dog us for years just like the fashion party of 1999 did.

Remember the bright and bold haircolors? The "Matrix" inspired thin sun glasses with no rim? The thick soles on every shoe available? The pleather, latex and fake snakeskin? The exposed navel? The low-cut jeans? The hipster shorts? I'm telling you we need to stop doing all of this now it's been going on for years. The big T-shirt and leggings look that took over after that did not help matters one bit.

That has got to be the reason he named Russian duo t.A.T.u. as the faces of his autumn/winter line. They're well past their fame as faux lesbian pop tarts, by about ten years - but they did know how to do the school girl uniform look right.

Marc Jacobs stuffed Posh Spice into a shopping bag, what will he do with this duo? He's had strange picks before - among them controversial child star Dakota Fanning, director Sofia Coppola, The White Stripes' Meg White, and singer M.I.A. I can't wait to see what he does with the Tatu girls - and I hope neither one of them is pregnant during the shoot.


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