Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen parodied by PETA (badly)

Peta, angered by Mary-Kate's and Ashley's horrible sense of fashion which includes wearing a lot of fur in California, has launched a new website called "meet the Trollsen twins". On it there's even a new episode of full house which is amazingly is un-funnier than the original show. All over the world right now, lonely men and even the PECA (people for exellent creative advertising) are begging PETA to find some hot female celeb to strip naked instead.

Dress up the Trollsen Twins at!

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Maybe they can offer the gig to Ganna Makeeva. As long as they secure the studio floor.  ;-)

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Unless they're willing to pay her more to pole dance than she's trying to get from Leo Burnett, I don't think she'll take the job. I mean c'mon, if she strips on camera the jig is up.  No pun intended.  :-)

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That was utterly painful.