Massachusetts considers selling naming rights to forest

(Claymore/adlist )
Why settle with naming rights for a lousy ballpark or stadium when your corporate beast can take over and rename a real park or forest!?

From the Napa news :

"With the state facing a $3 billion deficit, Massachusetts lawmakers are considering selling corporate sponsors the naming rights to parks and forests, including the Walden Woods immortalized by Henry David Thoreau."

what's next, the Schwarzwald woods being renamed to Schweppes?

" Some big-city mayors around the country have considered similar proposals, but Massachusetts would be the first state to pass such a law.

The move is a reflection of the desperate financial straits in which many states and local governments find themselves.

"It seems to me, should there be parks, information kiosks and all kinds of potential opportunities, let's just talk about them," said Republican state Rep. Bradley Jones Jr., the House minority leader who drafted the measure. "If we weren't in a major budget crisis, people wouldn't necessarily focus their efforts there."

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